February 1, 2011

nick west

"...as you can see it all got a bit silly right here. a girl with her puppies out, a demon, old banana over there in his pajamas. is this what i promised you? are we prick teasing you enough? is this what you came here to see all my brothers? look at this poorly written, badly acted bullshit! is there any truth in this b-movie banality? no! no, there is no truth. believe no one. believe nothing. you freaks and geeks. you bloodthirsty morons, fuck you! bring on the red parade. so are there any pulses in the house? you deadbeat, midnight, freak-geek witted torture-porn gore horse! i know what you're looking for, so have it! take it! and fuck you all very much!

did you ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

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